Nature's Nurses

Eco Consultancy & Contracting ~ Greening Your Space, Inside & Out!


 Schedule customized, indoor-outdoor, hands-on workshops that are aligned with NYS & City Learning Standards. Our sessions provide the building blocks for sustainable community development with activities to promote citizen responsibility, stewardship and service learning for your staff, school or community group.


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~SPECIALTY GARDENS- Install a garden: Edibles, Medicinal, Native Species/ Pollinator, Container Gardens, Window Farms.

~ECO ARTS & CRAFTS- Make art items & personal gifts with re-purposed & natural materials!

~COMPOST SYSTEMS- Make black gold! Recycle your food waste & garden materials.

~RECYCLE- Learn how to set up easy systems.

~STREET TREE CARE- Adopt & care for the trees in your neighborhood!

~COMMUNITY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM- Be a resource for your community; Learn what to do in a city emergency.

~GREEN FUNDRAISERS- Invest in change for the green & raise proceeds for your cause.

Age groups Pre-K- 4th, 5th-8th grade 

Offering engaging activities that lead the participant on a journey of exploration. Discovering the world around them from their own backyard. Helping schools connect with families, helping committees share in constructive growth.

Age groups H.S.- Adult

Offering supervised, mentor rich learning environments that offer real life experiences and opportunities for sharing vision, values, and goals for growing caring, confident youth into future leaders, Fostering:

  • Student self-discovery & self assessment
  • Focused future career exploration in green services
  • Cross cultural engagement for a wider worldview
  • Character development and peaceful peer culture
  • Youth leadership/development to sustain core democratic values and life long learning
  • Build community connections
The efficiency off a full-time Sustainability Coordinator without the overhead. 
~As an educator I’ve had the opportunity to create and facilitate eco-based lessons for programs in the Bronx & Westchester. I enjoy guiding students of all ages through inquiry-based activities in the classroom & during in-field sessions, as they are able to work with information in theory and then in direct application of material. This form of cognitive-experiential learning personalizes the experience and helps with retention of information. ~ Nurse B.


NYC Department of Education Vendor

 We serve NYC locations but welcome out-of-town requests.


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