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Brook Park Curriculum Project

Creating curricula of activities for a local community garden to teach their visitors about the built and natural environments of the site through a theme of past, present & future. Details coming soon.

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AMS II Charter School Educational Garden

Dedicated teachers want to turn their neglected garden into an active usable learning space.

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Bronx Public School 5th Grade Compost Project

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60 students, 7 weeks and a lesson on composting. Helping a school prep a garden plot in the Fall for planting in Spring consisted of lessons on the built and natural environment and our need for both. Indoor/outdoor activities on weeds (the good and the bad), how seeds travel and grow, the in’s and outs on composting and how it benefits a garden and the environment on whole, prepared the group for presenting to their school how to care for a garden.  

Bronx Public School 2nd Grade Garden Project

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45 students, 12 weeks and a 15’x110’ strip of space. Students are prepared with knowledge of rules, terms and tools of working in a garden. From decomposers to soil composition, from seeds to seasons, from growing their own food to the interconnections of the ecosystem, students build new vocabulary, learn new skills and develop an appreciation for how plants grow and their role in making it happen.

River Garden Tree Pit Project

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Many Bronx residents suffer from respiratory problems due to air pollution and other toxic factors. Most people don’t know how important street trees are in keeping our air clean and beautifying an area. Many Bronx streets trees are weak, damaged and ugly. This project focuses on building tree guards to protect our trees from damage such as soil compaction, waste/pollution from dogs and human vandalism, with the intent to improve air & water quality.

We are currently seeking volunteers, materials and financial donations.

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