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Photos of the week

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 I love this aspect of my life, getting dirty and “being one with nature” fills me with a calming sense of purpose. The process of finding out who I am was touch as I was conflicted with what others thought I should be and how I felt about my strengths, passion and what I wanted to do with my time on the planet. I’ve gone through so many changes in career which is a needed thing for some.

I’m helping a family member go through this exploratory phase, hoping she can let go of some of the fear and hesitation and go through this journey with an open mind and heart to her personal destination.

 Here are a few photos of where my week goes. Enjoy!  

Potential garden site for school in the Bronx.

A moldy Tulip tree leaf.
I’m trying to find out what causes this….Do you know?

Some sweet potatoes harvested from our garden. Yum! 

One of the most beautiful sights Ive seen at the garden,
a group of nuns in their Holy Whites. 

A beautiful plant Im trying to find the name of. 

I made signs for this community event,
supporting the Green Workers Cooperative in The Bronx! 


Some lovely foliage at my day job at the
New York Botanical Garden. 


Setting up for the last Batali Family Dinner at NYBG.

 Ever since Ive decided to focus on what I love to do, my days have been filled with great happiness.  I’m able to give and receive such joy! 

Author: Nurse B.

I love getting my hands dirty working on greening projects around NYC. With a background in program management and environmental education, I work with others to create learning opportunities for our youth. I advocate for holistic living through consumer awareness and community activism.

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