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Monsanto Slapped With A $7.7 Billion Lawsuit By 5 Million Farmers

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We’ve been hearing about the craziness going on with this company, the poor farmers who work with them and the people and animals that are subjected to health defects from these genetically modified foods, it’s hard to tell whats true and what is sensationalism. We hope that the structures we have in place to regulate businesses and the impact they have on the environment are doing their jobs in making sure that the health of the planet and the public are top priority.  But it seems like they are all falling prey to the idea of thinking that temporary monetary gain will save them from the eventual breakdown of natural systems they are forcing to occur with their practices.

“The farmers state that Monsanto has been unfairly gathering exorbitant profits each year on a global scale from “renewal” seed harvests, which are crops planted using seed from the previous year’s harvest. The practice of using renewal seeds dates back to ancient times, but Monsanto seeks to collect massive royalties and put an end to the practice. Why? Because Monsanto owns the very patent to the genetically modified seed, and is charging the farmers not only for the original crops, but the later harvests as well.” Article excerpt from Prince Vega: Monsanto Slapped With A $7.7 Billion Lawsuit By 5 Million Farmers « Prince Vega.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…”If you thought Monsanto’s lack of testing on their current GMO crops was bad before, prepare to now be blown away by the latest statement by the USDA. Despite links to organ damage and mutated insects, the USDA says that it is changing the rules so that genetically modified seed companies like Monsanto will get ‘speedier regulatory reviews. With the faster reviews, there will be even less time spent on evaluating the potential dangers. Why? Because Monsanto is losing sales with longer approval terms.”

Some companies have signed “The Safe Seed Pledge” and will not engage in the practices held by Monsanto and the companies who use their seed. We need to be aware and support those who are trying to do the right thing not those who have the bigger bank account to see their ideas through regardless of human/animal health & safety.


Author: Nurse B.

I love getting my hands dirty working on greening projects around NYC. With a background in program management and environmental education, I work with others to create learning opportunities for our youth. I advocate for holistic living through consumer awareness and community activism.

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