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So today I start my last class of my Master’s program. The course is called Seminar and is akin to the thesis project with one major idea to cap off the semester. Our topic of focus is “Innovation” and what we would do to improve a public organization, this could be in non-profits, schools, law enforcement, the medical field, and so on.

My idea still needs to be worked out, but I want to work on a nonprofit that I used to work for and hope to again in the future. They have a great mission of providing visual art classes and an environmental stewardship based curriculum to the community, but something gets lost in translation into day-to-day operations and implementation. How do organizations get disconnected from their goals and what ca they do to get back on track? I will be looking at this from all angles including human resources, budgetary, policy, management strategy and other topics, with the main focus being the re-linking of public value to the mission of the program.

I would love to get your opinions on these ideas as I see the public as being a main component in creating public value.

This class will run for 15 weeks, ending in August. I will post something every Wednesday for feedback. My intention is to get a better sense of what people think about the way public organizations are run, and how they affect us, the clients, and how I as an administrator could improve.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

The Busy Beaz!


Author: Nurse B.

I love getting my hands dirty working on greening projects around NYC. With a background in program management and environmental education, I work with others to create learning opportunities for our youth. I advocate for holistic living through consumer awareness and community activism.

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