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So much garden work to catch up on…

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I’m just about done with this semester in school and can’t wait to use the next two weeks to get my hands in the garden and back to crafting some great items!

My indoor terrarium is doing well, growing nice and green. I bought some new friends to live in there, four succulents that I can place in there to give me year round color.

I also went a bit crazy at the Union Square farmers market this weekend and got a whole bunch of things for my outdoor garden space, mostly herbs that I can dry and use in my products: lavender, lemon thyme, catnip, lemongrass, lemon balm, chamomile, fever few, peppermint, lemon sage, nasturtium, sweet potato (I heard they are great conditioners for soil), and some other pretty things for boarders.

I drew out a plan of my garden and measured it out on my living room floor to help me with placement. I want to divvy up the plants so that I can have a little windowsill herb garden, but most of them will be outdoors. I love that they are all edible, medicinal, most have great fragrance and should be easy to maintain. More to come.


Author: Nurse B.

I love getting my hands dirty working on greening projects around NYC. With a background in program management and environmental education, I work with others to create learning opportunities for our youth. I advocate for holistic living through consumer awareness and community activism.

One thought on “So much garden work to catch up on…

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