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“I’m not really good at it”

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I want to stop saying that I’m not good at the things I should be good at by now. For instance, gardening. I’ve always loved “gardening”, even though I’ve only ever had indoor “container gardens” that sat on my windowsill, fire escape or display table and now my window farm. I love the idea of it- creating and helping things grow,  the action-the attention that it takes to maintain, the results of lush greenery, but for some reason I heard myself say to a friend recently “I’m not really good at it” when we were talking of my plans to join her community garden.  I know am good with some plants like succulents and cacti and other easy going varieties and I try to stay away from others like edibles which seem more hands on.

But still, I’m always drawn to work where my hands are in the dirt, trying to connect and play with these green beings. I’ve been a garden volunteer for over 5 years now but have yet to work on my own outdoor bed. That changes this year! I got a space at a place called River garden not to far from me. And all the members are great and very knowledgeable, so I should learn a lot.

Now, I’ve started my seeds indoors…I’ve prepped my raised bed and planning my “crops”.  I’m going to do an herb garden, so I can use them in the products I make and they just seem easier 🙂

More to come…

Inside my mini farm terrarium

garden plot after sifting


Check out my gardens’ page to raise funds for the trees in our area. We are stating with the ones around the garden but hope to help all trees in the community. Donations (financial or materials) and volunteers are greatly needed and appreciated!



Author: Nurse B.

I love getting my hands dirty working on greening projects around NYC. With a background in program management and environmental education, I work with others to create learning opportunities for our youth. I advocate for holistic living through consumer awareness and community activism.

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